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Flooring Store in Brooklyn Center MNIf you are looking for new commercial flooring in Brooklyn Center MN for your office space, you may be considering carpet for your office. There are many benefits to carpeting in a commercial space, and there are also some other considerations to make. Part 1 of this blog series noted that a couple of benefits include a wide variety of carpet choices and that carpet absorbs noise better compared to other types of flooring. A couple of considerations mentioned were that carpet requires a significant amount of maintenance and it may need a replacement sooner than other flooring options. Here are a few more pros & cons of carpeting in the office: Flooring Store in Brooklyn Center MN

Pro: It’s Inexpensive

A major benefit for many businesses ready to invest in new commercial flooring is that carpeting is inexpensive compared to many other flooring options. There are many different options to choose from, and so there is a wide range of prices available. Highly durable carpeting is typically more expensive, and there are many considerations to make when investing in the right flooring option for your office. Your local flooring company in Brooklyn Center MN can help you determine the best flooring options for your commercial space.

Con: Wear & Tear

Over time, all types of flooring are susceptible to wear and tear. However, carpeting tends to wear out faster compared to other types of flooring like hardwood and vinyl. In high traffic areas, carpets can become more matted and less durable. Carpet also is more vulnerable compared to other flooring options when it comes to staining; food or beverages that spill can often leave a stain or smell in carpeting that takes professional cleaning to remove.

Pro: It’s Soft

Another benefit of carpeting is that it’s a soft, comfortable option. This promotes a cozy, warm, inviting atmosphere that isn’t necessarily achieved with other flooring options. Carpet can help a space feel warmer and welcoming. Sometimes, there’s just something about a plush, soft floor that makes you feel more at home and comfortable in the environment.

Con: Can Build up Allergens

A downside of carpet is that it can hold onto dirt that’s been tracked around, as well as dust and debris that are likely floating through the air. This can eventually contribute to poorer air quality due to the difficulty of removing these particles from the carpet fibers. If there are people working in the office that suffer from allergies, they can be especially impacted by the particles embedded in the carpet. Professional carpet cleaning will be needed every so often to promote healthier indoor air quality.

If you are ready to invest in new floors, contact your local flooring store in Brooklyn Center MN. At Ideal Commercial Interiors, we are proud to offer several different flooring options and flooring installation in Brooklyn Center Minnesota to suit your office. Contact us today!

Flooring Store in Brooklyn Center MN

Flooring Store in Brooklyn Center MN

Flooring Store in Brooklyn Center MN