Office Furniture in Edina MN | How COVID-19 Is Changing Workplace Design

Office Furniture in Edina MN

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do just about everything these days, and that includes how we work. Due to these recent changes, companies are also having to adapt the way that they conduct business, which includes the need to modify their current workspaces in order to accommodate their needs of their employees and to ensure the health and safety of the workplace. Here are just some of the many changes that many businesses are finding themselves having to make in order to resume operation in a safe and conscientious manner: Office Furniture in Edina MN

Social-Distancing Design

One of the biggest changes to commercial interior design trends during the pandemic will undoubtedly be the incorporation of social-distancing design. While previous commercial interior design trends encouraged collaboration and openness and shared spaces, the new office design trends will focus on physically distancing and separating workers. This will include investing in new office cubicles and workstations that provide physical barriers between workers, changing the office design to allow workers to sit at least 6 feet apart from one another, and even potentially creating more space or moving locations to a space that can accommodate the number of onsite workers and allow them to social distance while they are working onsite.

Contactless, Sanitation & Health Upgrades

Another office design trend that we will be seeing a lot more of is trends towards better sanitation and cleanliness in order to ensure the health and safety of the workspace. This will include the incorporation of contactless technology, such as automating doors, elevators, and sanitation areas, such as bathrooms, water fountains, and so on. This will also require commercial and company buildings to upgrade their water and air filtration systems and to regularly clean and replace filters in order to ensure that the virus doesn’t spread and circulate around the building and that employees are able to stay clean and healthy. Other trends such as allowing for natural airflow from the outdoors into the office space via windows, doors, and hybrid indoor-outdoor workspaces that allow for proper ventilation of the workspace, which can help to prevent the spread of the virus.

Utilization of the Latest Technology

Lastly, many companies will have to incorporate and utilize the latest technology. This may include advanced video conferencing technology and capabilities, virtual whiteboards, and other types of technology in order to create a seamless connection between remote and onsite workers. For help with redesigning your workspace and equipping your office with the technology and furniture you need in order to conduct business effectively and safely, feel free to contact your local commercial interior design and office furniture company in Edina MN, Ideal Commercial Interiors, today.

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Office Furniture in Edina MN

Office Furniture in Edina MN

Office Furniture in Edina MN