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Office Furniture in Minneapolis MN

It isn’t an understatement to say that COVID-19 is changing everything about the way that we work and conduct business, and that includes office design and commercial interior design in general. Most of the commercial interior design trends that designers encouraged and promoted for the past few decades are now being rolled back and amended in light of the current pandemic, and that includes office furniture trends as well. Here are 3 types of office furniture solutions that your company may be in need of during this time: Office Furniture in Minneapolis MN

Office Cubicles

One vintage trend that is making a comeback right now is office cubicles. Since many companies have opted for open and collaborative workspaces, and office furniture that encourages collaboration and interaction between workers, many businesses will need to invest in new office furniture, namely office cubicles and private workstations, in order to keep workers separated to prevent worker-to-worker viral transmission in the workplace. If your company is looking to invest in office cubicles or private/divided workstations, then feel free to contact Ideal Commercial Interiors, the best office furniture company in Minneapolis MN, today.

Partitions, Dividers & Screens

Another commercial interior design trend that will be making a comeback is divided work areas. This means that partitions, dividers, and screens will need to be installed in order to separate work areas as well as receptionist and lobby areas as well. Partitions, dividers, and screens not only help to physically separate people, but the use of clear screens can also help to prevent the spread of germs and viruses when people are communicating with one another in the workplace as well. If your business is in need of any dividers, partitions, or screens, don’t hesitate to contact Ideal Commercial Interiors, the best commercial interior designers in Minneapolis MN.

Sanitation Stations

Lastly, cleanliness and proper sanitation will also be an upcoming trend that people will see workplaces around the country due to the government’s reopening guidelines and mandates for businesses who are looking to have workers return to the office. Sanitation stations and access to cleaning supplies, as well as the implementation of regular cleaning sanitizing throughout the work day, are going to be essential for helping to prevent the spread of the virus and for keeping workers safe when they’re at work. To learn more about our COVID-19 office furniture and commercial design solutions for businesses, feel free to contact us today.

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Office Furniture in Minneapolis MN

Office Furniture in Minneapolis MN

Office Furniture in Minneapolis MN