Top Post-COVID 19 Office Design Trends (Part 2)

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Is your business looking to redesign its office interiors in order to accommodate workers returning to the office? The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on just about everything, and that includes office design and workers’ health and safety when they’re working in the office. Here are some of the top office design trends that we will be seeing during the post-COVID 19 era to know about: Office Furniture Near Me Eden Prairie MN

New Office Layouts

One of the biggest changes we’ve been seeing when it comes to office design is the trend towards more defined and private work areas, as well as designated socially-distanced collaboration areas, such as desk pods. Desk distancing has also become a big office design trend that is most likely here to stay. Since many businesses need to redesign their office spaces in order to better keep employees safe and healthy when at work, many companies have been investing in new office furniture and office dividers, shields, glass walls, etc. in order to ensure safety in the workplace.

Biophilic Design

Another trend we will be seeing more of in the future of office design is biophilic design. Having good air circulation and ventilation is important for helping to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, which is why there will be a greater emphasis placed on incorporating natural air, lighting, and nature in general into office designs.

Smaller Conference Rooms

Lastly, large areas when large numbers of people used to convene will become broken up and separated. Conference rooms and other common areas are projected to become smaller in order to prevent and discourage large gatherings in the workplace. By limiting the number of people who are occupying a single space, the virus will be less likely to spread around the office.

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Office Furniture Near Me Eden Prairie MN

Office Furniture Near Me Eden Prairie MN

Office Furniture Near Me Eden Prairie MN