Important Things to Look for in Office Chairs (Part 1)

Office Furniture Near Me Edina MinnesotaIt’s the new year, and many businesses are making the transition back to bringing all employees back into the office. Many employees have become accustomed to working from home; working remotely has offered a renewed sense of comfort for many people, and some people are reluctant to come back to the office due to the comfort of working from home. This is a great opportunity for businesses to invest in new office furniture like office chairs to promote increased comfort in the office for employees. It’s important to invest in the right office chairs for your office; here are 3 things to look for when buying office chairs for your office: Office Furniture Near Me Edina Minnesota

Adjustable Height

People have all sorts of preferences when it comes to seating, but a key thing to remember is adjustability. Being able to adjust the height is an important thing to look for when searching for office chairs. All employees are various heights and therefore office seating needs to work for each individual. Many people are most comfortable when their thighs are able to be parallel with the floor, so investing in chairs that are adjustable in height is important for the comfort of every person in the office.

Lumbar Support 

It’s the natural tendency of many people to slouch or lean forward when working at a computer. It’s important for the chair to have adequate lumbar support to help promote better posture. Chairs with good lumbar support help reduce bad posture by supporting the back. This is very important for comfort when sitting in an office chair all day. Adequate lumbar support also promotes more productivity.


If you’re investing in new office chairs, it’s important that they are quality and durable. People sit down, stand up, twirl around, lean back, make adjustments, and much more through the course of the day. If the chair itself isn’t durable, it won’t stand up to the test of time after all of the natural wear and tear. When you’re looking to invest in office furniture, it’s important that it’s durable and sturdy so that it will promote years of comfort and productivity for your employees.

Investing in new chairs is a great way to promote better employee satisfaction, boost morale, and increase comfort in the office. New office furniture in Edina can also help promote all-around office productivity. At Ideal Commercial Interiors, we’re happy to have a wide variety of office furniture that can benefit any office space. Contact us to learn more about how new office furniture can benefit your office space, and watch for Part 2 of this blog series for a few more important things to consider when investing in new office chairs.

Office Furniture Near Me Edina Minnesota

Office Furniture Near Me Edina Minnesota