3 Types of Office Furniture That Will Protect You From COVID-19

Office Furniture Near St Louis Park MNAre you looking for ways to transform your office into a COVID-free zone? COVID-19 has ushered in a new era of office design trends that nobody would’ve ever anticipated before. Here are 3 types of office furniture that will help to keep you and your employees safe from COVID-19 while working in the office: Office Furniture Near St Louis Park MN

Dividers, Shields & Screens

One type of office furniture that was rarely used before, but is now in high-demand, is physical dividing furniture. This includes dividers, shields, screens, and even moveable walls. Dividing furniture helps to separate individual workspaces and to prevent the spread of the virus by physically limiting the distance that the virus can potentially travel in the air.

Self-Cleaning & Contactless Capabilities

Another office design trend we’ll be seeing more of is the use of self-cleaning surfaces and contactless capabilities. Self-cleaning mats or surfaces will be put on surfaces many people are predicted to have frequent contact with, which will reduce the virus’s ability to travel from person-to-person via contact. Moreover, the use of contactless storage furniture and technology are also going to be a new big office design trend. This includes (but is not limited to): automated, motion-sensor, facial recognition, and voice-controlled technology in order to do things such as turn the lights on and off, open doors, take the elevator, use the bathroom, sinks, hand dryers, and much more.

Lightweight, Flexible & Easy-To-Clean Furniture

Lastly, offices will also need to invest in lightweight, flexible, and easy-to-clean office furniture, such as desks and chairs. The reason is because office floor plans may change as people come and go, so your office furniture must be easily moveable and flexible when it comes to forming new workspaces. Moreover, your office furniture must be easy to clean and sanitize so that employees don’t have to worry about the virus potentially spreading via their office furniture.

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Office Furniture Near St Louis Park MN

Office Furniture Near St Louis Park MN

Office Furniture Near St Louis Park MN