COVID-19 Office Redesign Tips

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Are you thinking about redesigning your office space in order to make it more social distancing-friendly and COVID-safe? For businesses that are looking to return to the office, having a COVID-safe office design is extremely important. Here are some tips from your local commercial interior designers on how to make your office a safe and healthy work environment for you and your employees: Office Furniture Near Wayzata MN

Rethink Your Current Floorplan

The first thing you will need to do is to rethink your current floorplan. This means creating more private workspaces, such as more private offices, office cubicles, modular furniture, etc. You will need to ensure that employees are working at a safe distance from one another and you will also have to think about how to control traffic around your office as well in order to ensure that employees aren’t constantly passing one another at work.

Create New Desking Policies

Another thing to keep in mind is desking policies. You will most likely need to create new desking policies in order to ensure that employees are both properly distanced and are physically separated from one another. The use of office dividers, screens, moveable walls, and personal shields will help to physically protect employees and to stop the transfer of the virus in the air.

Incorporate Clean & Contactless Design

Lastly, your company should also plan to incorporate clean and contactless design features into your office’s design. This includes (but is not limited to): contactless light control, water faucets, hand dryers, doors, elevators, sanitizer dispensers, among other things. You should also invest in self-cleaning surfaces for commonly touched areas and surfaces, as well as invest in office furniture that is easy to clean and sanitize.

For more information on the types of commercial interior design and furniture solutions we can provide, feel free to contact your local commercial interior designers near Wayzata MN at Ideal Commercial Interiors today.

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Office Furniture Near Wayzata MN

Office Furniture Near Wayzata MN

Office Furniture Near Wayzata MN