Post-COVID 19 Office Design Trends

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Have you been wondering how to convert your commercial office space into a safe-zone going forward due to the COVID-19 pandemic? COVID-19 has been forcing workplaces to rethink their designs so that they can resume normal operation without having to worry about the virus spreading around the office. Here are some of the post-COVID 19 office design trends we are seeing and expect to see more of going forward: Office Furniture Saint Paul MN

Physical Distancing Design

One commercial design trend we have been seeing and will be seeing more of is social distancing or physical distancing design. Workspaces will be more spaced out and will most likely have physical dividers, screens, or shields in between and in front of them in order to help prevent the spread of the virus in the workplace. For more ideas on how to make your office space social distancing-friendly, feel free to contact your local commercial interior designers near St Paul MN at Ideal Commercial Interiors today.

Private Workspaces & Smaller Conference Rooms

Another trend we will see is the return to private workspaces and smaller conference rooms. Office cubicles and private office spaces or rooms are making a comeback. Moreover, conference rooms and other social areas will also most likely be made smaller and will incorporate better ventilation and air-filtering capabilities. Doing this will help to ensure that not too many people are gathering in one place and will help to lessen the spread of the virus.

Self-Cleaning Surfaces & No-Touch Technology

Lastly, we will also be seeing the use of self-cleaning surfaces and no-touch technology more in the workplace as well. Commonly used surfaces that require physical touch will be covered with self-cleaning mats or surfaces in order to prevent the spread of the virus via contact. Moreover, more contactless technology will be utilized as well, such as automated and motion sensor lights, doors, water faucets, hand dryers, elevators, and doors.

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Office Furniture Saint Paul MN

Office Furniture Saint Paul MN

Office Furniture Saint Paul MN