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Office Furniture St Louis Park Minnesota

It can’t be denied that COVID-19 has changed the way we do just about everything, from the ways that we live to the ways that we socialize, exercise, learn, and more. However, one of the biggest changes is undoubtedly has been the way that we work and conduct business. As a result, in order to resume safe operation, many businesses are having to change and adapt both their business models as well as their physical locations, and that includes redesigning and refurnishing their workspaces in order to comply with the new government safety guidelines and to ensure that workers can work safely during this time. Here are 3 ways that COVID-19 is changing commercial interior design: Office Furniture St Louis Park Minnesota

Biophilic & Green Design

One of the ways that office design is changing during this time is the trend towards biophilic design. This includes the incorporation of natural elements such as natural lighting, natural airflow and ventilation, the use of plants and flowers, and more. Moreover, there is also a trend towards eco-friendly and sustainable technology that are meant to not only lower energy usage and carbon emissions, but also assist in creating a cleaner and more sanitary work environment, such as by upgrading water and air filtration technology, and so on.

Touchless & Videoconferencing Technology

Another trend that workplaces will be implementing during the COVID-19 era and even post-COVID 19 is touchless, or “contactless,” technology and capabilities, such as automated doors, elevators, water fountains, coffee machines, sinks, toilets, building access and security features, and more. Limiting contact will decrease the likelihood of the virus spreading and infecting others in the workplace. Moreover, many companies will need to come up with a videoconferencing and collaboration strategy that will allow for seamless connection between onsite workers and remote workers, which may include the incorporation of videoconferencing and virtual technology.

Physical Distancing & Divided Workstations

Lastly, one of the biggest and most crucial changes companies will have to make is investing in new office furniture that will allow for physical distancing and that will separate workers from one another. This may include investing in office cubicles or dividers between workstations, as well as flexible and movable office furniture that can be easily moved and assembled and de-assembled as needed in order to complete with the “six feet” design rule that is being enforced. For help with redesigning your office space, relocating your office to a new location, or if you’re in need of new office furniture, feel free to contact Ideal Commercial Interiors, the best office furniture company in St Louis Park MN.

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Office Furniture St Louis Park Minnesota

Office Furniture St Louis Park Minnesota

Office Furniture St Louis Park Minnesota