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Office Interior Design in Minneapolis MN

Picking Ergonomic Seating for your Office

Why does Ergonomic Seating Matter?

Ergonomic seating is designed to give you the best possible support for your back, neck and shoulders. A bad chair can cause pain or even injury over time. Ergonomic chairs are made with a wide variety of features that help keep you comfortable while working at a desk. Some of these features include padded seats, lumbar support and adjustable armrests. There are even chairs that can be adjusted to fit your body type or height. The best ergonomic seating will make you feel comfortable right out of the box, but it may take some time to find the perfect chair for you. If you want to find Office Interior Design in Minneapolis MN, then keep reading, or reach out to Ideal Commercial Interiors today for help on your latest project.

Can Ergonomic Seating improve focus?

The seats are designed to keep you comfortable when sitting for long periods of time. Many people feel more focused and productive when they have a chair that supports their back, neck and shoulders. Ergonomic seating is also often made with materials that resist the buildup of heat or moisture so you won’t feel sweaty or sticky while working in one.

Seat Depth

Seat depth is the distance from the back of your seat to the front edge. A chair with a shallow seat may not have enough room for your thighs and knees when you’re seated. However, too long of a seat and some office workers may feel as if they’re sitting too far back, making it difficult to reach their keyboard or mouse.

Seat Height

A seat height that’s too high can put strain on your legs and cause back pain. It may also affect your posture because you have to lean forward more than usual to keep your head above the desk surface. Finding chairs with adjustable seat height can help you to keep everyone in your office feeling comfortable without having to waste money buying multiple chairs of varying heights. In order to find the perfect chairs for your office, you can reach out to a local office furniture company for help.

Seat Angle

The seat angle is another important aspect of comfort. If the backrest is too far forward, it will put strain on your lower back and make it difficult to sit at your desk for long periods of time. If the backrest is too far back, you may feel like you’re sinking into your chair or that the seat underneath you isn’t supporting you properly. Once again, this is an aspect of your office chair’s design that may be best if it can be adjusted at will.

Headrest and Lumbar Support

The backrest and seat are not the only parts of your office chair that can affect your comfort. Many chairs also come with a headrest or lumbar support, which can improve your posture and make sitting at your desk more comfortable. A headrest may be especially helpful if you have neck issues or spend hours each day looking down at a computer screen while typing. Depending on the type of office work your employees perform, different types of headrests or lumbar supports may be more useful than others.


Some office chairs include armrests, while others do not. If your employees spend long hours at their desks, having armrests can make it easier for them to relax and rest their arms without getting tired. Another benefit of armrests is that they can help prevent injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome by supporting wrists and forearms correctly. However, if your office space requires lots of chairs placed together in a small space, armrests can make moving around your office comfortably challenging.

Backrest Tension and Height Adjustment

Some office chairs have a backrest that can be adjusted to provide more or less tension. This is helpful for people who frequently change positions while working at their desks since it makes it easier to move from sitting upright to reclining and back again. If your employees spend long hours in their chairs, having a backrest that can adjust its height is also a good idea because it allows them to adjust the height so they can sit comfortably without slouching or straining their backs.

Where can I find ergonomic chairs?

Ergonomic chairs come in a variety of styles and colors. You can find them on the websites of furniture stores and office supply retailers, or you can visit an ergonomics specialist who sells only chairs and other products designed to promote good posture. If you have multiple employees working at desks, it’s a good idea to invest in several ergonomic chairs so they all have access to one when they need it. An office interior design company, such as Ideal Commercial Interiors, will be able to help you choose the best chairs for your employees’ needs. If you have any questions about ergonomic chairs or any other aspect of office interior design, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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Office Interior Design in Minneapolis MN

Office Interior Design in Minneapolis MN

Office Interior Design in Minneapolis MN

Office Interior Design in Minneapolis MN