Signs You Need New Office Furniture (Part 1)

Signs You Need New Office Furniture

Have you gotten new office furniture lately? There are several reasons why it’s a good idea to get new office furniture, and many signs that your office could definitely benefit from new furniture. Here are 3 key signs to help determine if your office needs new furniture: Signs You Need New Office Furniture

Employees are Uncomfortable

One major sign that your office needs new office furniture is if your employees are uncomfortable. As time goes on, furniture may become less and less comfortable, especially as there are newer options that promote great levels of comfort while working at a desk. New office chairs are ergonomic and designed to be comfortable throughout the work day. Moreover, old and uncomfortable office furniture can be a major distraction and lead to employees getting up more frequently just to alleviate their discomfort. On the contrary, comfortable furniture promotes a comfortable atmosphere where employees can get more work done because they aren’t distracted by discomfort.

Update Your Branding

Is your company updating its branding? This is a great opportunity to revamp and revitalize your office space. Updating the company’s branding is a great way to freshen up the business and attract new clients; every once in a while, rebranding (whether a complete rebranding or subtle changes) is a great way to liven things up in the workplace and beyond. Getting office furniture can be a fun way to enhance the aesthetics within the office to match the current branding of the office. Not only does getting new office furniture promote more comfort in the office, but it can also boost staff morale when your employees feel the positive, modern, and uplifting changes in the overall office environment.

Damaged Furniture

If your furniture has the wobbles, this is a tell-tale sign that it’s time to invest in new commercial furniture. An office that hasn’t updated the furniture in years is bound to have some damaged furniture, especially if the furniture is used frequently and wasn’t the most quality in the first place. Padding may become less comfortable, fabric may start to tear, screws and parts might become loose and unreliable, wheels may start to squeak or catch, and more. It can also be quite an eyesore to have damaged or broken furniture being used in the office, not to mention demoralizing and uncomfortable for the employees (and anyone) who have to sit in damaged office chairs for an extended period of time.

If your employees are uncomfortable, the office is rebranding, or if your office furniture is damaged or broken, it’s time to invest in office furniture. Ideal Commercial Interiors is your local office furniture supplier in Brooklyn Park MN. We are proud to offer several services and options when it comes to new and used furniture to help promote a comfortable and efficient work environment. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about office furniture in Brooklyn Park MN, and watch for Part 2 of this blog series.

Signs You Need New Office Furniture

Signs You Need New Office Furniture