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Ideal Commercial Interiors is the best commercial interior design company in Minneapolis MN. We offer a full range of furniture, flooring, and commercial interior design services. Here are just a few of the many clients we’ve helped over the years, be it with design conception, project management, furniture and furnishing procurement, flooring installation, or other commercial interior design projects, we’ve done it all!

Page Education Foundation

“We are a Minnesota non-profit organization that provides scholarships to students of color to pursue secondary education. When we opened our office about 15 to 20 years ago, a lot of our furniture was donated to us and we got bulky wood furniture which was very sturdy but it wasn’t fresh, it wasn’t mobile. We couldn’t do a lot with it, and just had it stay in place. This year one of the main focus of the design was making sure that the furniture was mobile – that we could take it apart – that we could push tables together when we need to, and we can kind of just make the space more fluid, so that when our students came in, we were better prepared to serve them. It’s like a load was taken off my shoulders, because the pieces are light and youthful, you know.. it’s modern. It makes a statement without being too overreaching. We are a non-profit organization, and we wanted changes but we wanted to be modest and we wanted to be within our budget, and so, working with Rick and Karla really helped us stay within the project parameters. And really I say that because it’s nice to work with people who are experts and professionals in what they do – where you could trust them to make decisions based on those talents and skills they have. They allow you to make decisions based on your role. What I would tell people about Ideal Commercial Interiors is if you want to work with a group of people who really have your best interests in mind, who care about what your concerns are… they’re the right group to work with. Because I think at the end of the day for me, I always felt like I could call Rick up and ask a question or address something, and he took care of it right away! He could always see it from my perspective and where I was coming from. I had someone who had my back!”

Maple Bank

“We had mismatched chairs in all the offices, different styles, different colors – reached out to Rick at Ideal and had him come in, give us an idea of what he can provide to us, different styles of chairs. He was able to give us a couple different varieties that he recommended, and we tested them out. After the office chairs, we replaced our lobby chairs. I would definitely recommend Rick – great service, and expertise is beyond.”


“We had to move over 100 people, we had to move over an entire warehouse, a fab shop, and we had  to do it over a 4 day weekend. Ideal Commercial Interiors – they  helped us design, space plan, and help coordinate the overall move from one building to the other building. They helped us think through the process of furniture selection – they understood the groups, divisions, our needs, and helped us do a layout and design that helped us fit the needs of all the various groups at Horwitz. And by Monday morning, 7 am, everybody showed up, the furniture was all in place – computers, everything was up and running – we resumed operation Monday morning. From start to finish it was just a fantastic job. I’d recommend them to anybody.”

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